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Are you looking to level up your career and join a hard-working motivated plant management team in a fast-paced working environment? Are you passionate about teaching and developing those around you and creating a motivated, positive workforce? Then you could be our next Production Manager at Kamps Den1 in Denver, CO.

This role will report to the Plant Manager and assist in the overall operation of the plant. As well as providing functional direction to supervisors. We’ll look to you to roll up your sleeves and truly get involved in the production processes, including necessary troubleshooting and department improvement.

This is a great opportunity to lead continuous improvement and to play a real role in developing people and delivering sustained profitable growth.


• Assist Plant Manager in organizing and managing day-to-day activities for plant operations.
• Manage a team of department supervisors in achieving daily production goals.
• Coordinate with Plant Manager in resolving plant issues in a timely manner.
• Provide training and guidance to workers to meet performance standards.
• Directs and manages the overall production plan for the operation, including supervising the day-to-day operations that come with implementation.
• Maintain proper documentation for all plant related activities.
• Ensure materials, supplies, and equipment are readily and continuously available for workers to carry out production process.
• Implement continuous plant improvements for increased productivity and scrap reduction.
• Implement cost reduction initiatives to minimize plant and labor expenditures.
• Optimize plant operations to meet quality and production standards.
• Maintain clean, safe, and organized work areas in plant.
• Ensure plant compliance with company policies and safety regulations.
• Collaborates with Plant Manager and sets strategic goals and vision for the site, as well as short- and long-term production goals.
• Collaborates with functional department managers on the determination of materials, space, equipment and personnel needs as well as the development and implementation of processes, procedures, assignment and execution of functional responsibilities.
• Evaluates performance against production goals and adjusts allocations of resources (e.g., personnel, equipment, materials) as needed to optimize production and quality.


• Minimum 2 years leadership experience working in the pallet industry
• Able to work both independently and within a team, generating results with general/minimal guidance from management
• Demonstrated ability to effectively apply MS Excel and other analysis tools to real-world problem-solving
• Must be flexible, innovative and comfortable in setting own priorities
• Strong commitment to culture and people development

Job Type: Full-time, salaried position

Pay: 60-70k/year, plus profit sharing


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