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National Pallet Solutions

Kamps Pallets is a full service, best in class, national pallet company delivering innovative pallet solutions to customers since 1975. Our customer-centric approach places your needs and expectations first.

We specialize in supplying high quality recycled pallets, new custom pallets, and comprehensive pallet services - such as national pallet recycling.

We have over 400 national facilities in our network that meet the shipping needs of industries from coast to coast. This makes us one of the largest pallet companies in the United States.

Because of our commitment to building quality products, industry leading data management, and proven track record of superior customer service - we are the premier national pallet supplier for you.

Pallet Recycling

We are the experts in recycling pallets and provide a wide array of programs guaranteed to improve your pallet operations.

We Buy Pallets

When you're done with your pallets, let us know. Kamps Pallets gives fair market price for specific pallets in good condition.

Recycled Pallets

Kamps provides reconditioned and remanufactured recycled wood pallets to customers nationwide.

All Wood Pallets

Kamps manufactures new and used wood pallets. Our wood pallets are of the highest quality and pass through multiple inspections. 


Locations Nationwide


Million Pallets Managed Annually


On-Time Delivery


Years of Experience
total pallet coverage

The Kamps Difference

Total Progam Coverage™

Our Total Program Coverage™ comes standard with every Kamps program.

It covers your pallet program from beginning to end and offers industry leading support within every step. It ensures that your business receives the best possible experience, products, and custom solutions.

From in-depth analysis of your current program to regular business reviews that hold us accountable, our Total Program Coverage™ gives you peace of mind and your program the attention that it deserves.

Our experts begin every new pallet program by analyzing your current systems, pinpointing areas of improvement, and identifying expectations.

We integrate your system with our systems and standards, and launch the new management program efficiently and effectively.

Our data management tools and practices give your staff an in-depth look into your program like never before.

Your staff sits down with our experts and conducts an in-depth review of your current program and expectations - highlighting any room for improvement.

We Supply & Recycle Pallets Nationwide

National Pallet Network


Asset Based Locations


On-Site Locations


Partner Locations

Tracking Our Recycling Initiatives

Our Green Scorecard

Recycling and environmental stewardship is a priority at Kamps.

Our pallets are reused and continuously recycled. No wood is ever wasted, as it serves several functions during its life cycle before it is once again used for mulch.

Over the past year, Kamps has recycled over 75 million pallets and contributed to new green initiatives on a consistent basis.

In 2020, we recycled over 70 million pallets and saved

tree icon
recycle icon
tons of landfill waste
C02 icon
metric tons of CO2 emissions

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