Wooden Shipping Boxes and Crates

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Kamps Pallets creates custom wooden shipping container designs to meet the individual needs of your business.

Our experts will work closely with your team, to create small boxes or large crates that will optimize the shipping process of your products. 

We work hard to meet the precise demands of shipping requirements to help optimize your packaging process. And when it’s all said and done, our reverse logistics capabilities will gather your boxes and crates and bring them back for re-use.

Why our Shipping Boxes & Crates

Excellent Support & Safety

Wooden containers create superior support and safety for your products by creating a barrier of protection that otherwise is not there with standards pallets.

Asset Protection Via Reverse Logistics

Once your product has arrived to its final destination, our reverse logistics experts will pick up your boxes and crates and return them to your facilities for re-use.

Tailor-Made, Unique, Designs

Kamps uses trim pieces, and other material that may be considered wood waste, to engineer additional shipping materials and give your boxes and crates a truly unique, tailor-made, design.

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Products Available

New Boxes

Custom made to fit your needs and offers partial or complete protection. New wooden shipping boxes are designed to move your product from your business to warehouses and consumers. Designed to withstand the demands of industries such as: industrial, military, and agriculture.

Reconditioned Crates

Reconditioned shipping crates for businesses that have relaxed and flexible shipping specifications. As with pallets, using crates that have already been produced is a cost-effective solutions for businesses that have less strict of less frequent shipping needs.

Unique Products

Part of our commitment to being stewards of our natural resources includes using each piece of material. Using trim pieces, we can create a custom box or crate with additions such as: corner posts, bracing pieces, and protective fillers.

Learn More About Our Crates & Boxes

See how our wooden shipping containers can help transport your products safely and securely.


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