Our National Asset-Based Locations

Our Kamps asset-based locations are strategically located across the United States to cover a large portion of our national customer base that buys, sells, and recycles pallets with Kamps.

We invest a vast amount of resources in ensuring our facilities are industry-leading in areas of innovation, standardization, employee development, and safety.

Click on one of our regions below to find a pallet company location near you.

Our Service Providers

Our Kamps Service Provider locations are an extension of Kamps Pallets. These locations provide Kamps level of products and service. They subscribe to our "customer-first" approach to doing business, and work alongside our Kamps support teams to offer industry-leading pallet solutions.

Our Service Provider Locations are

  • Audited By Kamps
  • Trained By Kamps
  • Connected Via Kamps Support Systems

This allows our partners to operate under the same Kamps standardized processes and procedures, while our Kamps Customer Service teams manage and oversee the success of your pallet program.

Full list of Kamps Locations

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