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General Kamps Questions

Close to 5 Million Pallets

Around 3,850,000

Kamps is a national pallet supplier and recycler, which means we service organizations from coast to coast.

Visit our locations page to find a Kamps location near you. 

Kamps Pallets owns and maintains more than 8,000 trailers nationwide. Many trailers are placed at customers’ facilities to better coordinate pickups and deliveries.

Due to our vast resources and reach, Kamps has the ability to drop trailers at your location and swap trailers – maximizing your warehouse space.

Kamps is always looking to build our network of pallet partners, and we would love to hear from you!

Because customer service is paramount in everything that we do, we hold our pallet partners to the same standards as our own facilities.

This means that there are a few initial prerequisites that need to be met:

  1. Your organization has a facility with dock doors and can accommodate semi-trucks.
  2. Your organization has the facilities and capabilities that can meet sudden increases in demand.
  3. You are dedicated to customer service above all.

General Pallet Knowledge

When discussing pallets, you would say the stringer length first and the deck board length second.

You tell us the weight and with the aid of our Pallet Design System (PDS) computer software, we will design a pallet or recommend a reconditioned pallet to fit your needs.

A remanufactured pallet is comprised of stringers and boards that have been recovered from disassembled pallets or have some new components such as stringers. A reconditioned pallet is a repaired pallet.

Pallet pooling is a program whereby Kamps Pallets will rent you a pallet (for a closed-loop system), track it to your customer, and then retrieve the pallet in order to start the process over again.

A core pallet is a used 48x40 wooden pallet, and it is the most commonly used wooden pallet in North America. To learn more about GMAs and Core Pallets, read the official article on our blog.

Buying Pallets from Kamps Questions

Kamps Pallets specializes in large quantity, business-to-business, pallet solutions.

This means that, unfortunately, we are unable to service personal, DIY, projects that require less than 25 pallets at a time.

For those interested in orders of less than 25 pallets at a time for personal projects, we recommend searching on websites such as eBay or reading this article from Packaging Revolution on how to find free pallets.

Selling Pallets to Kamps Questions

How many pallets we buy at a time will all depend on your location and market.

Ideally, we are looking to purchase pallets by the truckload – 400 at a time.

However, in locations where we have a physical Kamps location, we will purchase pallets in quantities as low as 25 at a time. We recommend contacting your local Kamps facility first, as the sizes and style of pallets we will purchase will vary based on the market.

In markets where we have a partner location instead of a Kamps location, we will purchase only truckload quantities.

Learn more about the difference between Kamps locations and partner locations.

The amount Kamps will pay per pall depends on a variety of factors.

The most important are:

  • Size of the pallet
  • Condition of the pallet
  • Where you are located
  • Pallet composition (Kamps only buys wood pallets)

To learn more about this topic, check out our blog post that explains in-depth the factors that determine value when selling pallets.

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