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Kamps Pallets is a full service, best in class, pallet company delivering innovative pallet solutions to customers across the United States - since 1975.

We specialize in supplying high quality recycled pallets, new custom pallets, and comprehensive pallet services.

Headquartered in Michigan, we have over 100 national facilities that meet the shipping needs of industries from coast to coast. This means that whether you have one location or hundreds across the United States, with Kamps you will receive consistent service and support.

Because of our commitment to building quality products, industry leading data management, and proven track record of superior customer service - we are the premier pallet supplier for all of your needs.


Pallets and recycling done better.

As a pallet company, stewardship of our natural resources and optimization of your shipping process is important to us. We invest in cost-efficient measures that move your product effectively and safely - while providing unparalleled transparency and data insights into our operations.

Our dedicated team delivers the best quality and value in every interaction and every relationship.

Our Five Key Strengths

Customer Experience
Quality Products
Custom Solutions
Maximizing Resources


We produce a wide variety of pallets to best meet the needs of your business. Our team of experts will work with you from start to finish, finding the perfect product for your shipping needs. 


Our pallet management services are built from the ground up, ensuring a tailor-made solution every time. With every service or program, we offer unparalleled customer service and industry leading benefits.


National Network & Data Insights

A national network of service providers ready to serve you from coast to coast. We bring you innovative, sustainable, and proven solutions when it comes to total pallet management backed by our unmatched data & insights.

Accurate & Transparent Systems

From our pallet grading to our QC audits, our Kamps system is designed to give accurate counts and quality assurance on the services we provide – giving you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve.

Experts in Pallet Recycling Solutions

Our team serves as your pallet consultants, devising solutions guaranteed to improve your pallet program. Our team is composed of experts with well over a century of combined industry experience.


Recycling and environmental stewardship is our priority at Kamps.

Our pallets are reused and continuously recycled. No wood is ever wasted, as it serves several functions during its life cycle before it is once again used for mulch. We call this "Harvesting The Urban Forest"

Over the past year, Kamps has recycled over 65 million pallets and contributed to new green initiatives on a consistent basis.

Our Green Scorecard helps keep us accountable and our actions measurable as we strive to create a greener industry.

In 2019, we recycled over 65 million pallets and saved:

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tons of landfill waste
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metric tons of CO2 emissions


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