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National Wood Pallet Recycling Services

Kamps is a pallet recycler that provides local wood pallet recycling services on a national level.

We have over 400 locations across the United States servicing customers every day. We have the ability to pick up your pallets and allow pallet yard drop-offs. Our custom programs address your specific needs, and are delivered by our local team near you.

As the nation's top pallet recycler, we have access to vast resources that allow us to respond to your demands quickly. We have over 8,000 trailers nationwide. We also offer industry-leading data capabilities. These resources add value to your program and ensure continued transparency.

Because of these reasons, Kamps is the premier pallet recycling company in the United States.

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Kamps picks up your pallets on-time. Pickups can be scheduled or on-demand. Your pallets are then quickly sorted. After this, we generate a sort report. Based on the sort reports, Kamps pays fair market value for your pallets. Sort reports are also available for you to view within 48 hours. 

For operations that require extra support, Kamps has the ability to provide drop-trailers at your location. These programs also can follow a custom retrieval schedule. 

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We develop a custom recycling program for your business. These programs utilize our labor, expertise, and equipment directly at your facility.

We recommend our on-site programs for large operations that need extra attention managing their pallet operations.

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Kamps picks up your pallets on-time and transports them to our facility. 

Once the pallets arrive at our facility, they are quickly sorted. Those pallets that can be repaired are inserted back into your inventory. If additional pallets are needed, Kamps will pull usable pallets from our back-up inventory. 

This ensures that your pallet supply is always at optimal levels. 

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Single Expert Voice Nationwide

With over 400 locations nationwide, Kamps has a location near you. We provide local service and a single point of contact for your pallet recycling programs.

High Volume Recycling Capabilities

Because of our size and resources, we can recycle high volumes of pallets. We also offer multiple drop-trailers for these programs.

Additional Source of Revenue

Depending on the size and condition of your pallets, Kamps will pay fair market value for them. This creates an extra revenue source for your supply chain.

Industry Leading Data Management

With our Total Program Coverage™, your pallet program is covered with industry leading data management and reports. We also make this data available on-demand via our KP Portal™.

Customer Case Study

Kamps Pallets optimizes a Global Snack Manufacturers program and introduces specialty graded pallets. As a result, our customer experiences cost savings and a more dependable inventory.



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Remanufactured or Reconditioned Pallets

Buy Recycled Pallets

Two repaired pallets stacked on top of one another

Reconditioned Pallets are pallets that still have a long life ahead. Yet, they do require minor repairs to ensure they meet our quality standards. These pallets are also known as Refurbished or Repaired. 

Two remanufactured pallets stacked on top of one another

Remanufactured Pallets are pallets that are built from high quality dismantled components. They can also be built from a mixture of new and recycled components. These pallets are built to meet your exact needs and specifications. Remanufactured pallets can be called "Combo" pallets as well.

Pallet Size Recommended Industries Recycled Options
48x40 GMA Pallet Grocery, General Warehousing, and More Reconditioned
48x40 Grocery, General Warehousing, and More Reconditioned & Remanufactured
42x42 Telecommunications, Cables, and Paint Reconditioned & Remanufactured
48x48 Drum Transport Reconditioned & Remanufactured
36x36 Beverage Reconditioned & Remanufactured
48x45 Automotive Reconditioned & Remanufactured
Custom Size - Remanufactured

Frequently Asked Questions

As the top pallet recycler in the nation, we are here to help answer all of your questions.

Feel free to browse through some of the most common questions you may ask when recycling pallets. Click on each of the questions to reveal our answers. For all other questions, contact us by clicking the button below.

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