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Making Our Planet Greener With Every Pallet

Kamps Pallets Makes a Difference

We do more than just talk the talk when it comes to environmental sustainability - we make a direct impact and track it.

We track our pallet recycling efforts by way of our Green Scorecard. Every pallet that we recondition, repurpose, or grind into mulch is recorded and its savings on our environment is reflected in trees saved, metric tons of harmful CO2 emissions saved, and tons of landfill waste diverted.


Pallets Recycled in 2021
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Showcase Your Sustainability Initiatives

The Impact of Our Green Scorecard

Each Kamps customer receives a personalized Green Scorecard during our regular business reviews.

The scorecard provides hard data on the impact your business has made on our planet through Kamps provided initiatives such as participating in our repair and return programs or selling used pallets to Kamps. This data can have positive impacts on your business internally and externally.

Through sustainability practices at both ends of the business relationship, we can work together to create a greener industry and a better world.

Benefits of Our Green Scorecard

Tangible data representing your sustainability efforts.
Point of difference to share with all stakeholders.

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