phase 1


Kamps Pallets was born when 17 year old Bernie Kamps began pulling discarded broken pallets from area landfills, repairing and then reselling them. This was an innovative idea in 1973, during the beginning of the recycling movement.

“Recycling was starting to come on strong at the same time the price of wood was skyrocketing,” Says Bernie. “I called it ‘harvesting the urban forest."

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    Kamps Pallets is founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Bernie Kamps.

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    First Kamps plant completes its first year, serving high quality recycled pallets to the West Michigan region. 

phase 2


A period in Kamps history highlighting the pallet manufacturer's dedication to growth and recycling.

New facility openings across the state of Michigan allow Kamps to serve more customers in key areas, and set the strategy for future national growth. A new Mulch Department allows the company to further extend the life of used pallets and expand the business.

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    1984 - 1993

    Kamps opens three pallet plants in the State of Michigan: Potterville, Kalamazoo, and Lansing. 

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    Kamps launches Mulch Department; adding an extra layer to our recycling efforts and extending our product offerings.

phase 3


Kamps successfully realizes national expansion ambitions by acquiring and opening facilities across the mid-west and south. The national growth is supported with a dedicated national sales and customer service team.

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    2000 - 2010

    Kamps acquires facilities in Niles, MI, Indianapolis, IN, and Versailles, OH; and opens plants in Taylor, MI and Louisville, KY. 

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    2011 - 2015

    Kamps continues national expansion with new facilities in Detroit, MI, Erlanger, KY, and two customer on-site ventures. 

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    To better serve national accounts, Kamps launches the Kamps Pallets National Sales Team. 

phase 4


As Kamps continues to grow, we want to ensure that the values and principles the company was founded on continue to be a priority. These principles include a focus on customer service and continuous operational improvement and innovation.

Now in its second generation of leadership, Kamps Pallets has grown from one hardworking visionary to a nationwide team of more than 1,000 employees – all who believe the treasure of a satisfied customer is worth the extra elbow grease.

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    After working 22 years for Kamps Pallets, ranging from positions such as Pallet Repair, General Manager, and Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations, Mitchell Kamps is named president of the company. 

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    National Sales team achieves impressive growth, increasing sales by 44% in one year (2018 - 2019).  

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    Kamps continues strategic national growth by acquiring a new facility in Atlanta, GA - raising the total numbers of locations in our pallet network to over 100. 


Kamps delivers the best quality and value to meet your shipping needs. Through innovative pallet solutions, customized pallet management processes and trusted service, we build strong relationships with customers across the United States. Family owned and operated since 1973, Kamps prides itself on building relationships, providing excellent customer service and conducting business with the utmost integrity.



Every product and solution we offer is delivered with a consistent emphasis on service and quality.


We are unfailingly honest, transparent, and always conduct business fairly.


We respect the inherent value of each individual, from our valued customers to our loyal employees and trusted partners.

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