Mulch, Bark, and Cushionwood


Exclusive Wholesale Mulch

Enviro-Mulch™ is a high quality, long-lasting, product that adds beauty to any landscaping project.

Our Enviro-Mulch is made from clean scrap pallets and wood end trims. It retains moisture and inhibits weed growth. This product carries additional benefits that can be found below. Our Enviro-Mulch is available in a variety of vibrant colors to complement any environment.

Available to buy in bulk (wholesale) only.

Benefits of Enviro-Mulch

Increased Color retention

Slower rate of decomposition

Higher rate of durability

Easier top dressing

Brown Mulch

Deep Brown

close up of black mulch

Deep Black

Gold Mulch

Vibrant Gold

Red Mulch

Vibrant Red

Natural Mulch

True Natural

Up-close image of cedar bark

Cedar Bark

Breaks down slower than others. Has a great smell, contains no fillers, and works great as a bug deterrent. 

up-close shot of red pine bark

Red Pine Bark

A great fertilizer, breaks down quicker than others, and holds color extremely well.

up-close shot of brown hardwood bark

Hardwood Bark

Contains no fillers and helps fertilize. Breaks down in the soil and is best for open / exposed space usage.

Up-close shot of kamps signature blend

Signature Blend

A special red-pine and hardwood mix. Offers fertilizing benefits of red-pine and durability of hardwood. The best of both worlds. 

woman wearing purple gloves putting potting mix into gardening pot

Bark Derived

Kamps also has bark derived products such as propagation mix, container mix, and compost available for sale.

Quality You Can Trust

Processed Bark For Sale

Our bark offers a decorative touch to landscape, while also offering benefits such as weed suppression and soil moisture retention.

With strategically located hardwood, red pine and cedar bark stockpiles, and associations with numerous sawmills, we can fill all orders in a timely manner.

We have red pine, cedar, hardwood, and a signature blend bark available.

We also carry bark derived products such as propagation mix, container mix, and compost. All of which are great for planting smaller plants, growing vegetables, and other agricultural needs.

Playground Safety Surface Material


Our CushionWood™ is an exclusive product from Kamps Pallets, made specifically for playgrounds as an alternative to stone, sand, and other inferior wood products.

What makes our CushionWood™ exceptionally special is how it is made. CushionWood™ goes through a unique grinding and screening process and is perfect for use in parks, schools, and daycare centers.

Superior Standards

map of Kamps mulch and bark distribution facilities

4 Locations in Michigan

Our locations in Manton, Grand Rapids, Potterville, and Detroit allow us to deliver high quality mulch and bark products to the entire state of Michigan.

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