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We manufacture high-quality new pallets that meet the exact needs of your supply chain and shipping operations.

New Pallets For Sale

New pallets can typically make multiple trips before needing the slightest repair. Add in proper maintenance and repair processes, and they can last you quite a while.

Our pallets are built from quality materials, with precision workmanship. We thoroughly inspect each pallet to ensure it meets our standards before exceeding yours. Our inspection process is a four-stage process, with an 8-point final quality control inspection.

Thanks to our national network, businesses in any location can become a part of the Kamps Pallets family.

Custom Design Process

Kamps Pallets utilizes state-of-the-art Pallet Design Software (PDS) to guarantee the highest level of quality and consistency.

Our custom designs take into account every factor of your products, distribution, and logistics. After this analysis, we design the pallet solution that will best serve all aspects of your operations.

Once the pallets are designed to best suit your needs, we’ll look to build the pallets on our automated assembly machines. If the requirements have any limitations that prevent us from using our nailing machines, we’ll take matters into our own hands by having our experts build a jig and complete the process with the hand nailers.

Consistency & Quality Guaranteed

When it comes to new pallets, we understand the importance of consistent quality. Whether you are shipping high-priority items or need exact specifications to meet load optimization goals, deserve a pallet partner that can deliver the same quality pallet – every time.

At Kamps, we use next-level automation, machinery, and craftsmanship to meet these expectations day in and day out. Backed by vertically integrated operations and vast resources, we also provide an additional layer of security with a guaranteed inventory. 

Comprehensive Product Catalog

Stringer Pallet

The most commonly used pallet. Wooden stringer pallets are fully customizable and are easy to repair, reuse, and recycle. A solid, or notched, runner (“2×4”) is used to support the top and bottom deckboard, and, depending on the product being shipped, this pallet can have from 2 to 5 stringers per pallet.

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Block Pallet

Also known as a “true” four-way pallet. It is a wood pallet with rectangular, square, or cylindrical spacers between top and bottom decks. A block pallet is usually stronger than a stringer pallet and has more efficient handling due to their
construction that allows pallet jacks to approach them from any side.

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Skid Pallet

A platform with no bottom decking. Its platform simply rests on stringers attached to the deck. These pallets are usually two-way and almost exclusively used for storing heavy objects. Commonly used in steel and paper industries.

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Custom Pallet

A custom-designed pallet delivers a solution that addresses the needs of your entire supply chain. Custom pallets are built around the specific dimensions of your products. This ensures that your products are safe and secure during
the course of shipping and distribution.

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