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New wood pallets are an investment in the future of your company.

They are built from quality materials with precision workmanship. Kamps Pallets thoroughly inspects each pallet to ensure it meets our standards before exceeding yours. Our inspection process is a four stage process, with an 8-point final quality control inspection. 

New pallets typically make multiple trips before needing even the slightest repair. Add in a proper maintenance and repair process, and they can last you quite a while.

Thanks to our national network, businesses in any location can become a part of the Kamps Pallets family.

Benefits of our new pallets

Custom Built Options Available

Custom-built and designed to meet your specific needs. We take into account: product dimensions, weight, travel conditions, and government regulations.

We Meet High Volume Demands, Nationwide

Due to our experience, and vast resources, we have the ability to manufacture pallets at a high volume - nationwide.

Highest Level of Quality & Consistency

We use quality craftsmanship combined with industry leading machinery to ensure premium quality for new products.

laptop screen with view of a custom pallet being designed


Kamps Pallets utilizes state-of-the-art Pallet Design Software (PDS) to guarantee the highest level of quality and consistency.

While many businesses stick to the tried and true standard sizes, Kamps makes it possible for your business to explore custom pallet design for transporting your products.

Our custom designs take into account every factor of your products, distribution and logistics. After this analysis, we design the pallet solution that will best serve all aspects of your operations. 

Once the pallets are designed to best suit your needs, we’ll look to build the pallets on our automated assembly machines. If the requirements have any limitations that prevent us from using our nailing machines, we’ll take matters into our own hands by having our experts build a jig and complete the process with the hand nailers.

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