3 Benefits of Using a Single Pallet Provider

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How Many Different Pallet Partners Does a Large Enterprise Actually Need?

You need to receive an exact quantity of pallets and shipping materials on time– no more, no less. Multiple pallet providers may initially provide the peace of mind that your supply chain will always operate smoothly, but consider this: instead, you could be working with a national company with national capabilities that provides local, individualized service. Companies like this – like Kamps Pallets – help large enterprises with multiple locations uncover the benefit of partnering with a single pallet provider.

One Expert Voice
When you use a single pallet provider, you only have to communicate with one manufacturer, which can save you precious time in day to day operations. More importantly, when you choose Kamps as your preferred pallet partner, your local sales representative will manage the ebb and flow of maintaining your pallet supply. Working closely together with our customers, we develop plans that keep you supply just right and improve efficiency at your location.

But what happens if you have a sudden increase due to moving more product? That’s no problem at all. Our nationwide network and team of more than 800 employees means that we can quickly pull resources to hit every curveball out of the park.

Standardized Reporting
At Kamps, we routinely meet with our customers and conduct a business review of their account. You’ll know exactly how your pallet management and pallet products performed year over year, and we’ll identify areas where there may be room to add value through innovative solutions.

Having one pallet provider means that you’ll be comparing apples to apples across all locations. Your entire pallet management program will be integrated so you’ll have a complete picture of your logistics performance and needs.

Local at a National Level
Our nationwide network of resources, combined with our local service, gives businesses the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing a pallet partner. We proactively seek market-specific solutions to provide the most value to each location of your enterprise. What works best in Texas may be totally different in Maryland, and we’ll pull from the knowledge of our entire nationwide team to find the solution that fits your local business.

Even though we have locations all across the country, we imbue in our employees the same Midwestern values that our company was founded on: respect, integrity and excellence. Each of our customers, no matter where they are located, receive the same level of consistency and commitment to quality.

In total, we have more than 800 employees that produce and manage pallets for our diverse customer base. As we grow, we choose strategic locations that ensure we’re able to meet the demands of our customers at the drop of a hat.

Ready to learn more about how a single pallet provider can meet your supply chain needs and still give you great local service? Browse through our locations and find your local sales rep, or contact our headquarters to get started!

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