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The Pallet Industry Takes on the A-Z Challenge


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a-z challenge

a-z challenge Kamps is proud to supply the pallet industry and serve customers across the nation. As we’ve noted before, the pallet is “the single most important object in the global economy.” Our lives would not be the same without pallets! From start to finish, pallets are a crucial part of the way our economy works. Given this, we’d like to offer our version of the A-Z Challenge, pallet style.  Here it is:


A is for A Grade Pallet, the highest quality recycled pallets.

B is for Block Pallet, a type of pallet with blocks between the pallet decks.

C is for CorrLoc, a safer, easier, environmentally neutral product transport.

D is for Deckboards.

E is for Economic Impact which pallets have – over $31 billion dollars’ worth of economic impact!

F is for Forklifts and Forklift Safety.

G is for Green Scorecard, how Kamps tracks our recycling efforts.

H is for Heat Treated Pallets, a form of pest control for wood pallets.

I is for Inner Deckboard.

J is for Joint.

K is for Kamps Pallets, of course!

L is for Logistics. Investing in transportation is investing in customer service!

M is for Mulch. Wood chips have so many uses.

N is for National Wood and Pallet Container Association, the largest organization of wood packaging professionals in the world.

O is for Our Story, learn about it here.

P is for PDS: Pallet Design System, a program that creates pallets to fit every customer’s needs.

Q is for Quality.

R is for Reconditioned Pallets (our specialty!).

S is for Skid: a pallet without bottom deck boards.

T is for Two-Way Pallet.

U is for Unusable Pallets are transformed into mulch for landscaping.

V is for Vendor Relationships.

W is for West Michigan where Kamps Pallets began and our HQ is located.

X is for X, used for describing pallet dimensions, 48 X 40.

Y is for You. Thank You for supporting our family owned business since 1973!

Z is for Zipper Top.


You may think pallets are simple, but there is a whole A-Z of information about them and how they impact our world. Pallets change and develop over time as do how we use them. This is our snapshot today. Who knows where the pallet will go in the future, transporting the products we will design and create?

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