Accountability & Integrity are Important in Used Cores Sales

Used pallet cores stacked outside

Selling your used pallet cores is a great way for a business to generate an extra revenue stream and offset pallet purchase expenses. Especially if your business uses and disposes of standard 48×40, and other popular, pallet sizes.

In order to get the most out of your used cores, a relationship with a pallet company that values accountability and integrity is extremely important.

Kamps Expert Insight: What is a pallet core? 

A term that refers to a used pallet that is generated by a customer, that is no longer in use or in need of repair.

How We Hold Ourselves Accountable

At Kamps, there are two ways we hold ourselves accountable.

First, we make sure that our employees count, sort, and grade every single pallet that comes through our doors. We keep this process consistent across all of our pallet locations by employing a standardized process.

Second, we utilize industry-leading data reporting and management tools. This information is available for both parties to view on our portal, within 24-48 hours. Our portal ensures that your business is always receiving the most up-to-date information possible.

Sample of our core buying portal

The Importance of Integrity

A pallet partnership is unlike any other buyer-seller relationship. A partnership is based on mutual trust.

Most businesses do not have the time to count, or expertise to grade, pallets accurately when loading cores to be sent to the pallet recycler.

Working with a partner that will count and grade each pallet honestly is paramount to a successful core selling transaction. It can mean the difference between a profitable or unprofitable operation. A sign of a pallet recycler that either is deliberately or carelessly reporting cores is the price per core they are willing to pay. A price that sounds like it may be too good to be true can often mean the recycler is not being honest with their counts or lacks market knowledge. Either way, the program will fail.

At Kamps Pallets, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity when it comes to doing business. We promise to grade fairly; and employ individuals of high character and ethics.


Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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