Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

attitude of gratitude

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised to receive a note of gratitude or a quick word of appreciation from a boss or coworker? Think for just a moment about how that made you feel. Regardless of what was going on around you or how challenging the situation was before that moment, those simple words lightened your mood. Now step back and realize how incredibly simple it is to make someone feel that way. It costs nothing except an attitude of gratitude. There is very little time involved. And the positivity affects the giver as much as the receiver.

An Attitude of Gratitude Changes Everything

The field of Positive Psychology has cited gratitude as a factor in all sorts of desirable behaviors such as emotional intelligence, intrapersonal aptitude, and even psychological well-being. But no amount of research will change our behaviors if we don’t seek to make habits around gratitude.

Kamps strives to include gratitude in our performance management models. It’s integral to the Kamps values of integrity and respect. From the simple words “thank you” to gestures of appreciation such as a cup of soup on cold winter days, we are looking for ways to be grateful both personally and corporately.

One individual who stands out for his posture of gratitude is Adam Slusher. Adam has stepped from sales into greater responsibilities with managing a great deal of CorrLoc operations in our Lansing facility. Even when things get stressful and chaotic, you will never see Adam skipping out on an opportunity to say thank you. And if he’s not sure he fully expressed his appreciation for whatever everyday task you just did, he will go out of his way to peek around the corner and say, “Hey, thanks.” He is also careful to use your name and specifically note what you did.

To illustrate the point of this piece: Adam, thank you for your words! Your gratitude is contagious! Let’s turn around and pass it on. Keep a small stack of note cards on your desk to write a note of gratitude, send a quick email when you hear of a job well done, or just say a quick thank you whenever you can.  Make a note to yourself to thank someone every day until it becomes a habit. Let’s see what we can spark with an attitude of gratitude.

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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