Benefits of Partnering With a National Supplier

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Whether your business is large and has over 50 distribution centers nationwide, or only has one location, partnering with a national pallet supplier, such as Kamps Pallets, for your wood pallet programs provides benefits that can exponentially improve your supply chain and operations.

With over 50 years of experience in pallets, and over a decade of experience providing industry leading national programs, Kamps has identified three key benefits that our customers have experienced after making the transition to working with a national supplier.

Top 3 Benefits of Working With a National Supplier


A Single Expert Voice – Coast to Coast

By partnering with a national supplier your business removes the need to coordinate with multiple vendors for your pallet supply. Instead, your employees have one point of contact that coordinates your supply – coast to coast.

Not only does this save your employees time, energy, and (at times) frustration, it also ensures that your pallet program has no “blind-spots”. Having “blind-spots” in your pallet program can lead to delayed pallet deliveries, delayed problem resolution, and limited data / insights into your pallet program. All of these factors can then lead to delayed product shipments to your customer and other negative experiences on your end.

Blind-Spot: A term we use at Kamps to refer to information that may be missed that is vital to a national program; usually occurring when multiple pallet companies are in charge of a pallet supply.

Standardized Service

Most national suppliers will have an outline of set standards and practices that all locations adhere to. These standardized practices should apply to both products supplied and quality of service given.

By partnering with a supplier that can provide the same quality of service and products, coast to coast, your business can rest assured that your expectations will be met and that your shipping operations will not be impeded. The benefits of having this consistency in your pallet supply is also passed onto your customers – increasing trust and security they have in their relationship with your organization.

For businesses with only one or two locations, partnering with a national pallet company that has standardized practices still carries many benefits. Not only does it ensure that as your business scales up your pallet program will seamlessly integrate your new locations, it also ensures that the locations you currently operate will have their expectations met – every time.


Ability to Support High Volumes

Large national suppliers have access to resources such as employees and materials across a wide range of locations. These resources and locations ensure that your business’ demands are met, and that sudden increases in demand will not jeopardize your shipping operations.

Certain suppliers, such as Kamps, will also be able to leverage their resources and size to provide the best available support even during times of uncertainty.

How Kamps Performs as a National Supplier


As the experts in pallets, Kamps has made it our priority to not only provide each of the mentioned benefits to our customers – but to provide them at the highest level possible.

Below are key offerings that Kamps provides within each benefit for our customers.


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Highly Capable and Structured National Team

Our national pallet solutions team is structured and trained in a way to prevent the occurrence of “blind-spots” in your pallet program by having a department for every step of your program. Your sales consultants are in-tune and have established relationships with every individual involved in your program. Each department is headed or coached by industry veterans that have decades of experience in the pallet industry.

Industry Leading Data Capabilities

To further prevent the occurrence of “blind-spots”, Kamps tracks, manages, and reports on all data vital to the success of your national program. This data is available in on-demand reports for your team.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Our customer service representatives work proactively with other departments to foresee complications in your program and prevent those complications from arising. Complications that cannot be prevented are addressed in a swift and strategic manner that ensures the continued success of your pallet program with Kamps.


Standardized Service


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Strict & Precise Standards

Our strict standards encompass all vital processes of our business. These standards cover the process of sorting and counting inbound pallets to the final quality control protocol before pallets are loaded onto our trucks – and everything in between.

Emphasis on Training

Our employees are trained to adhere to these standards from day one. This “buy-in” from our employees ensures long-term consistency in your pallet program and a more efficient process internally.

Equal Standards Across Entire Pallet Network

Kamps places the same strict and precise standards on our entire pallet network – including our pallet partner locations. Our partner locations go through a rigorous vetting process before being brought on board to our network. Once the vetting process is completed, we train our partner locations and their employees to adhere to the standards that our customers expect from a Kamps location.


Ability to Support High Volumes


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Extensive Pallet Network

Our extensive pallet network ensures that Kamps is able to support high volume orders and sudden spikes in demand with ease – coast to coast. With over 400 locations, our network has the resources to support some of the toughest demands.

Innovative Machinery and Solutions

We invest in machinery, such as the Urban Sawmill Line, to ensure that our processes are as efficient as possible. Our capable employees are continuously working on improving these processes and developing innovative solutions help customers overcome volume challenges.

Going Above & Beyond for Our Customers

While having a large national network and innovative solutions makes Kamps a capable national supplier of pallets – we don’t stop there. At Kamps, we are continuously going above and beyond for our customers. For example, when our customers and affected by industry wide conditions (such as the recent pallet / wood shortage), we are hard at work developing innovative solutions to overcome these conditions. Whether that means coordinating efforts to ship pallets across multiple state lines or developing a new pallet from scratch to accommodate our customer’s demands. We do whatever it takes to take care of our customers, and that is why we are the “platform for customer service”.

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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