Block Pallets For Sale

Block Pallets are wooden pallets that use sturdy blocks made of solid wood or corrugated to support the pallet load. On average, they utilize nine separate blocks to disperse the unit load. Block Pallets are typically made with anywhere from seven to nine top deckboards. The bottom deck will either have three boards, with each board nailed to three blocks or have wooden deckboards nailed around the pallet’s perimeter. Because these pallets can be accessed on all sides by a forklift or pallet jack, they are often referred to as “true” 4-way pallets. They are also often heavier and bulkier than stringer pallets.

Common Block Pallet Sizes
Pallet Size Recommended Industries Recycled Options
56x44 Can Repaired & Remanufactured
56x44 Glass Repaired & Remanufactured
48x40 Grocery and Retail Repaired & Remanufactured
47.24x31.49 Euro Repaired

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