Case Study: Kamps Helps Atlantic Packaging Reach Their Sustainability Goals

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Atlantic Packaging is a leader in packaging equipment, materials, engineering and technical resources since 1946. Along with being a leader in their category, Atlantic Packaging is also committed to reaching their sustainability goals through various recycling initiatives and sustainable packaging programs. One of the most important recycling initiatives Atlantic Packaging implemented was a custom-designed wood pallet recycling program by Kamps Pallets.

The “Zero Waste” Campaign

Atlantic’s pallet recycling program came about as a result of the organization’s “Zero Waste” campaign – driven by the organization’s sustainability and logistics team. One of the goals of the “Zero Waste” campaign was to analyze what was being generated as waste and prioritize the waste based on volume and environmental impact. The analysis returned three key waste streams: Stretch Film, Corrugate, and Wood (Wood Pallets).

Kamps Saves The Day

As a leading national pallet recycling company, Kamps Pallets stepped in and delivered an optimized pallet recycling program. The program not only diverted Atlantic’s wood waste stream from the landfills and company property, but it also offered multiple pick-up and delivery options.

What Happens To The Used Pallets

Once a used pallet load arrives at a Kamps facility, our expert sorters will begin to sort the load based on pallet size and condition. If a pallet is not a standard size, or is damaged beyond repair, it will be sent to either be dismantled and used to build remanufactured pallets or be ground into mulch.

If a pallet is a standard size pallet, and can be repaired, it will be diverted to one of our many repair stations. To learn more about how Kamps repairs pallets, you can read our pallet repair process article.

With these two streams, Kamps does not allow any wood to go to waste – and that is why we are the perfect partner for Atlantic’s “Zero Waste” campaign.

The Results

Our wood pallet recycling program helped Atlantic recycle thousands of pallets every single year – leading to thousands of trees saved, Carbon emissions (GHG) prevented, and thousands of tons of landfill avoidance.

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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