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Happy Customer Service Week 2019!


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customer service week Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. It is celebrated annually during the first full week in October. 

How Important is Customer Service?

Customer service is an integral part of any successful company, and at Kamps we repeatedly stress the importance of customer service to our employees. It’s our aim to answer the phone quickly, to be enthusiastic about meeting our customers’ needs, and to make sure our pallet shipping process is streamlined and error free.

Just how important is customer service to a business, and overall economic landscape?

We made an info-graphic (see below) with 3 quick facts that illustrates just how important customer service is: 

Customer Service Info-graphic


Core Components of a Successful Customer Service Strategy

So what does it take to provide excellent customer service?  Here are some core components of any successful customer service strategy: 

Know What You’re Selling

To provide excellent customer service, make sure your employees are trained on the products you sell – especially those who are your most customer facing staff. Educate them on frequently asked questions so they can be prepared to help your potential or current customer in any way possible.

Be Friendly

Customer service really does start with a smile. A warm greeting via phone or face to face shouldn’t be undervalued. Customer service associates are usually the first point of contact with the potential customer, and they should leave a good impression!


No, really listen – it’s that simple. Hear what your customers are saying, and look for signs of dissatisfaction and for ways you can help them. People feel respected when they feel heard. When they feel respected, their satisfaction levels will be higher even if things are not perfect or errors occur.

Be Respectful

Customer service is often emotionally involving and can be stressful, especially when dealing with difficult situations. It’s important to make sure your staff is trained on how to handle these situations and to make sure your customers always walk away happy. Customer service associates should always remain courteous and respectful – even during times of challenge!

This Customer Service Week we at Kamps want to recognize all of our team members who continue to provide the best customer service to our loyal customers and potential new clients. Without you we would not be able to deliver outstanding service nationwide

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