Employee Spotlight: Kandi Braspenninx

Employee Spotlight: Kandi Braspenninx


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Kandi Braspenninx

Kandi Braspenninx Sometimes striving for excellence means showing the same dedication that you have in creating a beautiful garden and bringing it into the Accounts Payable department.

When Kandi Braspenninx was a child, her grandmother inspired in her a love of flowers that has stuck around to this day. From roaming her grandmother’s garden to creating beautiful floral creations for entire wedding parties, Kandi has the freedom with her flowers to create beauty from what once was just dirt and a few seeds.

Kandi brings the same determination and hard work that she uses to keep her garden flourishing to her role at Kamps. In the 13 years Kandi has been with Kamps she has seen the company grow and been involved in the computer system changes that have kept up with that growth. From her first days at Kamps doing manual voucher entry to today where she handles most of the accounting tasks for our East region, Kandi Braspenninx has committed to learning new skills as challenges arise.

From the health of the company to the health of a garden, Kandi understands the importance of growth. Thank you for your commitment to grow and learn at Kamps, Kandi!


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