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Employee Spotlight: Savanna


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Savanna Ever wonder what it would be like to live a day in the life of a customer service team lead/social media manager at Kamps Pallets? Savanna gave us the scoop on what a typical day looks like for her in our National Sales Department.  

Savanna begins her day checking emails, of which there are usually about 50. A lot of her emails are coming from our pallet partners and customers communicating delivery logistics and requesting orders. Some of our national sales customers are open 24/7, which means that Savanna may have been answering emails throughout the evening, but her inbox will still be plenty full when she arrives in the morning.

Once emails are dealt with, she will check the shipping log and print off invoices, work on paperwork, and assist the sales staff with special projects. If this doesn’t take her to the end of the day, she uses what time she has left to work on content and scheduling for social media. 

After work, you might find Savanna at Costco, playing kickball on her summer league, or meal prepping for the week with her husband Ryan.

What can you look forward to when working in National Sales at Kamps? Savanna enjoys the variety of the position, building relationships with customers and pallet partners and loves the team she works with

According to Savanna, you need to be a multitasker, detail oriented and an optimistic problem-solver to be successful in National Sales. We see all these characteristics and more in Savanna who is dedicated to giving her customers the best service every day. We are happy to have Savanna on Team Kamps! 


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