Finding the Beauty in Pallet Wood

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Recently, Pallet Enterprise wrote an article about an Indiana woman named Kat Scott who uses Kamps recycled pallet wood as a medium for her muse. Kamps Pallets played a unique role in this story, and we are proud both of it and our local pallet artist.

Kat Scott has found a way to make something beautiful out of the wood scraps that come from taking apart used pallets. Her wood mosaic pieces utilize a variety of different types of wood and highlight the fact that the material she uses had a different journey before it ended up being a picture, a table, a tray, or another piece of art. They can even be painted, branded, or individualized, as this one is, with the Kamps logo.

While it’s becoming quite trendy to upcycle pallet wood into everything from gardening tables to whole houses, Scott isn’t drawn to the medium because of its low price, but for its aesthetic value: the dings, dents, and nail holes, when cut certain ways showcase the beauty of the wood and of its previous practical uses.

You may wonder how this wood can be considered beautiful since her pallet projects are made of the end trims of pallet wood, but where some people see junk bound for the mulch pile, Kat sees more. She examines the wood she selects looking for possibilities, and she cuts her pieces carefully to reveal their underlying texture and grain.

Scott comes by her love of pallets naturally. Her father’s Indianapolis business, Skidz Recycling, became part of the Kamps family 7 years ago, and Kat grew up around pallets. She now has a practically limitless supply of wood to create her art from.

While we at Kamps think that pallets in general are great in that they function to ship the goods and products that connect businesses and people, we are also glad to see artists like Scott get creative with them in different ways. After all, pallets are used for just about everything these days!

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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