Everything You Need to Know About Glass and Can Pallets

Product on top of wooden glass and can pallets

What are glass and can pallets?

Glass and can pallets are designed specifically for the bottling and canning industry, and differ from the Standard GMA Pallet. They are used before and after the filling the process, transporting both empty and filled containers. This presents a unique set of needs that glass and can pallets have to meet. These pallets have to be optimized for maximum storage space, while also maintaining structural integrity. Due to the extreme weight of filled bottles and cans, these pallets are made using wooden blocks rather than the traditional stringer that runs the length of the pallet. These pallets weigh approximately 70 pounds.

Glass Pallet Specifications

  • Dimensions: 56”x44” or 120cm x 100cm (137cm x 112cm)
  • Weight: 70 Pounds (31.7kg)
  • Products Supported: Glass bottles, Jars, Jugs (sealed or unsealed)
  • Height: 4.94 Inches (12.55 cm)

A PDS Drawing of a Can Pallet

Can Pallet Specifications

  • Dimensions: 44”x56” (112cm x 142cm)
  • Weight: 60 Pounds (27.22kg)
  • Products: PET bottles, aluminum cans, soda and beer cans
  • Height: 5.38 Inches (13.66 cm)

A PDS Drawing of a Can Pallet

What are the benefits of wooden glass and can pallets?

The glass and can industry originally would only use wooden pallets. A number of companies transitioned to using plastic pallets, however, a large number of organizations are switching back for multiple reasons. First, wooden pallets are more environmentally sustainable and are easier to ship for the glass and can industry, due to the wood’s forgiving nature. Wood offers a greater give in response to the weight of the products and the tension of the packaging straps. Also, when plastic pallets are damaged, they cannot be repaired like wooden pallets. Instead, the plastic pallets need to be discarded completely. Wooden pallets also usually carry lower price tags.

Glass and Can Pallet Products and Accessories We Sell

.80 point and .60-point tier sheets, top frames, plywood top glass pallets, and can pallets.


How Can We Help?

At Kamps, we are experts in manufacturing and recycling glass and can wooden pallets. Our vast national pallet network can provide the neccessary support coast to coast. We can also provide pallet tops and tier sheets to help elevate your shipping process.

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