The Growth of Our Pallet Company Benefits You!

The Growth of Our Pallet Company Benefits You


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Being Thankful for Challenges That Lead to Innovative Solutions

growthNovember is a great time to pause and reflect on the year so far. Kamps has experienced tremendous expansion recently – and the growing pains that come along with it. But when we look back on it, we’re thankful for every challenge and each innovative solution because they have allowed us to become a nationwide pallet company.

Moreover, the challenges we’ve faced due to growth have given us a wealth of experience in new areas, and we can share that knowledge with our customers as they experience their own growth.

Entering New Markets
When you enter a new market, there’s no need to vet another shipping partner – you can bring Kamps wherever you go!  It’s exciting to help our customers in new markets find the exact pallet products and services that will meet their needs. You can rely on our experience and knowledge of the market, and continue to receive the trusted, quality service you’ve come to expect from Kamps. More importantly, you’ll receive an integrated approach to pallet management from Kamps. Your newest location will have its own customized pallet solution that is the most efficient for that exact area.

Shipping New Products
Perhaps the growth you experienced this year was due to a new product offering. We love to hear about projects like this from our customers! In addition to celebrating in the growth of your company, it gives us the opportunity to find a new, efficient solution that moves the largest amount of your product possible while keeping it safe and secure. This may include custom boxes and crates, additional shipping and packaging materials, or even a custom pallet design.

Reliable Partnerships
Our customers get maximum value from Kamps because we treat each relationship as a partnership rather than a transaction. Our growth has exposed us to the many different factors that individual businesses value in their logistics and supply chain operations.

For many, reliable delivery and just-in-time supply is crucial to maintaining a smooth supply chain, which is why we include this information in our regular business reviews. We know that many businesses don’t have the space to hold onto pallets for very long, so we continually refine our pallet management and pallet retrieval programs to best suit your needs. Having a location nearby allows us to better manage your inbound and outbound pallet inventory utilizing the Kamps trailer fleet.

Our Customers Make It Possible
Our expert industry knowledge and opportunities for growth wouldn’t be possible without our customers. We are extremely thankful their confidence in Kamps. Their trust in our pallet programs and services frees up their valuable time, so they can focus on the most important thing of all: making their businesses successful. To all of our customers, thank you for your business, your unwavering confidence and your commitment to our partnership!

Does your business have growth plans for 2018? Let’s talk pallets and logistics and how your needs may change so you can hit the ground running in the New Year!

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