Harmony in the Pallet Industry – Kamps Stands Out!


Bernie Kamps, owner and CEO of Kamps, Inc. expresses his joy in what he perceives as “harmony in the pallet industry at Kamps.” On his recent plant visits he recalls enjoying the visits because of our fantastic people and what they accomplish.

“The plants are in great shape, with outstanding housekeeping, neat and orderly pallet yards, and stacks of pallets that are straight with wide fire lanes running between them. Plants are swept often and are without clutter. The lunch rooms are neat and clean. There is good lighting in work areas. The equipment is being treated well and is in good condition. Our truck drivers are in uniform: Kamps shirts and jackets. The offices are clean and welcoming. The Viking machines are running well and are being maintained timely and cleaned at the end of each shift. These are plants to be proud of – realizing that we are in the pallet business and not in new car sales!”

Bernie also emphasized the most important part: the PEOPLE at Kamps.

“I love our trucks and trailers with the Kamps signage. I love the forklift movement throughout the plants, buzzing around like ‘worker bees.’ Hearing the ‘cha-chunk, cha-chunk’ of the Vikings nailing quality lumber together, transforming it into high quality shipping pallets, the scream of band saws actively dismantling valuable lumber to be re-nailed, and the ‘rat a tat tats’ of the nailing guns as they repair and manufacture pallets is music to the ears. BUT WHAT I LOVE THE MOST IS OUR PEOPLE. Our human resources are the most valuable aspect of Kamps, Inc. Our teammates are the main reason that we are successful. As our drivers deliver to our customers, they are the smiling face of our company.

“Our pallet builders, pallet repairers, industrial saw people, dismantlers, accurate sorters, mechanics, with magic hands and fingers that bring life to equipment that was delivered dead on arrival are all so vital. Then we have awesome customer service people and dispatchers, all our office personnel who invoice, pay bills, and handle the accounting and business side of the company, and salespeople who care for the customers and work closely to help the plants service them. We have our supervisors and management team who are the coaches of the business, leading every day by example and inspiring our people.

“Wow, what an enterprise!

“What an orchestra!

What a TEAM!”

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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