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Heat treat service Our customers often look to us to provide value added services. One of the services that we handle frequently is the ability to heat treat pallets, lumber, and crates.

What is heat treat?

Heat treat uses a heat chamber (essentially a large oven) to raise the core temperature of wood products to a certain standard to kill insects or fungi preventing them from being spread.

Often pallets that are heat treated ship across countries borders requiring pallets to be heat treated. Over the last 30 years insects such as the Asian long horned beetle (ALB), emerald ash borer, and redbay ambrosia beetle have caused significant damage due to being transported over borders. The heat treat program was established to try and curtail or eradicate the transport of dangerous pests between borders.

Pallets which are heat treated are stamped with an ISPM-15 certification. These requirements, provide guidelines on how companies make heat treated pallets. Agencies come into our facilities and do monthly audits to ensure compliance with government regulations and standards.

O heat treat service ften there is a lot of uncertainty that goes along with the heat treat process. One of the most common misconceptions is that heat treat will prevent mold growth. This is not the case in fact it may do just the opposite and provide the right environment for mold to grow at a quicker pace on a normal cycle.

There are special cycles that can be run which will lower the moisture content of the packaging helping to prevent or slow down mold growth. Knowing these distinctions and finding out what you as a customer truly needs helps set us apart as a value add provider.

We recommend you obtain a Heat Treat Certification letter to ensure the pallets you need heat treated comply with the proper standards.

Providing our customers with the knowledge and service expertise for unique programs is what sets us apart from the next pallet company. We take it upon ourselves to not only help provide a functional product but to be your wood packaging consultant as well.

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