The Importance of a Professional Attitude

The professional skills, abilities, and experience of an individual are all critical components of achieving success – however, the attitude of an individual is just as important as all of these other attributes. The ability to execute can be helped or hampered based on our attitude – a positive one will contribute greatly to success and achievement and a negative one will severely inhibit our ability to produce results at a high level. Detailed below, there are several key attitudes we can focus on to improve our results, both personally and for the Kamps organization.


Projecting a respectful attitude is very important in a professional work environment – this respect carries far beyond interactions with our customers and managers. Each one of us should also have a respectful attitude when dealing with co-workers – whether they work in the office, in the plant, or on the road, each job at Kamps is critical to our overall success and the people in each position should be treated as such. It is important we treat everyone with respect, even when we have differing views and opinions.


An attitude of commitment is highly valued at Kamps. All businesses need associates who are not only committed to the targets and initiatives that impact sales and profitability, but also those who are committed to excelling in their individual position. Each person can show a high level of commitment by demonstrating a willingness to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed the goals set for their position and role on the team. It can also be illustrated through the development of new ideas to help improve the company’s overall performance.


Employees who display an innovative attitude don’t avoid trying something new or finding better and more efficient ways of doing their job. Kamps needs employees who can think critically and develop new ways to accomplish tasks and goals. Individuals with the commitment to innovation and constant improvement will help fuel future growth for Kamps.


A helpful attitude at work is very important, whether that means making sure our customers get exactly what they need or helping your team members with the achievement of overall company goals. The more helpful the attitude of a colleague, the more people will want to be around them. A high level of commitment to teamwork and the willingness to partner with others on key projects and initiatives will benefit Kamps as a whole.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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