Kamps COVID-19 Preventative Measures: An Interview With Our VP of HR

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve world-wide, essential businesses are finding themselves in uncharted territory.

As an essential business, Kamps carries the responsibility of supporting our customers, while doing all that we can to ensure our employees stay safe and healthy.

This week we sat down with our Vice President of Human Resources, Bill, to discuss these challenges and COVID-19 preventative measures we have put in place at Kamps Pallets.

Our interview will be presented in a Q & A format. Any questions regarding this interview can be e-mailed to [email protected]

Question: What have been the biggest challenges in being able to sustain quality operations at the manufacturing level at the plants?


One challenge we have is keeping up our productivity while engineering physical distancing and doing as much as we can to keep our work areas clean.  I am happy to report that while this has been a challenge, through initiatives put in place by our teams, our on-time deliveries, pick-ups and first pass quality continue to be 99%+.

Question: Most of our stakeholders know that we are following the latest CDC guidelines for all employees – but what does this actually look like in practice for Kamps Pallets for front-line employees at the plant level?


All employees have been educated on physical distancing, wash your hands often, do not touch your face, nose or mouth and stay home if you are sick or have come into contact with someone that has Covid-19.  Our break rooms and bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day, including touch pads on vending machines, time clocks, micro-waves etc.  We are staggering breaks so everyone can keep physical distancing in the break rooms and it does not become too congested.  Everyone has been given a neck gaiter that allows a covering over the mouth and nose.  Others wear masks if they choose.  This is voluntary but several are wearing protection as an abundance of caution.  Fortunately most employees wear gloves as part of their work that gives another layer of protection.

Question: What are some initiatives we have put into practice for employees at our corporate headquarters?


Kamps is an essential business and as such we must continue all of our administrative functions.  Where possible we alternated staff positions that can work from home or come into the office.  They have also been offered the neck gaiters and educated on the CDC guidelines on physical distancing, washing hands often etc.

Question: How important is communication during this time?


Communications are important to balance the health and safety of employees but allowing employees the opportunity to work and provide for their families.  This is a concerning time but we should always keep things in perspective balancing the need s of our families, being armed with good information and being diligent to protect our health.  If people are diligent following the CDC guidelines the chance of contracting the virus is greatly diminished.



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