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Fact or Fiction – Kamps Pallets Version


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fact FACT or FICTION? Here are some common ideas about pallets, the pallet market and our company with our straight take on the truth of each.

95% of wooden pallets in the market are being recycled

FACT: At Kamps Pallets, we track our efforts to preserve natural resources with our Green Scorecard. Over the last year we have recycled over 53.8 million pallets!

There are more than 1.8 billion pallets in service in the US each day

FACT: 93% of these pallets are all made from wood

Kamps Pallets only builds new pallets

FICTION: Kamps Pallet specializes in reconditioned, or recycled pallets that work just as efficiently as new pallets. Reconditioned pallets have shorter lead times, promote recycling and are more cost effective. Kamps also offers other types of pallets; new, heat-treated, plastic, corrugated, and shipping boxes and crates.

The popularity of pallets skyrocketed during World War II

FACT: In the 1940’s, pallets evolved even further with the development of the 4-way pallet. This allowed forklifts to pick up pallets from any direction, doubling material handling productivity per person.

Kamps only services local, Midwestern markets

FICTION: Family owned and operated since 1973, Kamps prides itself on building relationships, providing excellent customer service and conducting business with the utmost integrity. These core values have helped us grow over the years into every market in the US while still remaining true to our roots. Our future depends on the relationships we develop with each of our customers; and we work hard each and every day to meet and exceed your expectations.

Wooden pallets are on the way out

FICTION: Wood pallets, unlike plastic, are biodegradable. Environmental concerns are increasingly important to our customers. The wooden pallet, with its benefits in cost and versatility, stands out as one of the greenest choices you can make when selecting a pallet that is right for your business.

Kamps has been a family owned business for over 35 years

FACT: Now in its second generation of leadership, Kamps Pallets has grown from one hardworking visionary to a nationwide team– all who believe the treasure of a satisfied customer is worth the extra elbow grease.

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