Kamps Fleet Update and Improvements Customers Can Expect

Kamps truck in background with texts that reads kamps pallets fleet update

At Kamps Pallets, we prioritize continuous improvement in all of our programs – especially our Kamps fleet of trucks.

Our nationwide fleet plays a direct role in our customers’ satisfaction and maintaining consistent inventory and pallet pick-ups for Kamps.

Earlier this year, we made some groundbreaking updates to our fleet that will allow us to further improve these aspects of our business.

Kamps Comprehensive Fleet Management & Data Insights:

Having a fleet that delivers quality products, on-time, is important to keeping customers happy and business thriving. In fact, on-time delivery is one of the key pallet KPIs Kamps Pallets tracks

However, this is easier said than done. There are many moving parts that can impact deliveries and pickups. Getting insights into each of these moving parts can help bridge the gap and make us understand how to achieve a high rate of on-time deliveries.

That is why Kamps has decided to harness the power of one of the biggest telecommunications companies to gain unparalleled data about our Kamps fleet. Since February of 2020, we are incrementally adding these devices to our trucks.

Kamps fleet management system overview on laptop and mobile phone

Some of our new fleet management capabilities:

    • Ability to see driver and trailer location in real time
    • Real-time driver safety monitoring and notification to dispatch.
    • Live traffic alerts
    • “Where to Enter Facility” (Last Mile Navigation)
    • Route sequencing and optimization

What this means for our customers:

    • Improved detention time
    • Delivery time optimization
    • Improved Feedback and Insights
    • Accurate ETAs

What this means for Kamps:

Kamps Fleet Annual Online Training for Drivers

Having properly trained drivers is an important component of a successful fleet. While we consider every Kamps Pallets fleet operator a super-star driver, we do understand that rules and protocols can change.

Our new annual online training tools are an improvement from our previous training protocols as it is more frequent and more accessible. Drivers are able to access the training material from anywhere in the United States.


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