Kamps, Inc. Launches Brand Refresh, Accelerating into The Next Phase of Our Strategy

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In 2019, we entered a new phase in our strategy to deliver continuously evolving value to our customers on a national scale. In executing this strategy, we achieved many milestones. We grew from 23 asset-based locations to 63 asset-based locations, and reached over 30 on-site operations (TPM). We improved our operating model and added numerous capable, like-minded, companies to our portfolio. We also adopted a new tagline of “Your Platform for Customer Service” to better reflect our customer-centric approach to pallet services.

Today is another milestone in this evolution as we are pleased to showcase our new brand. Our new brand is refreshed and indicative of who we are today – a national pallet company delivering the most customer-centric and innovative services, across all supply chains.

Our New Brand Elements


Updated Logo


Our new logo is the visual representation of who Kamps is today. We have retained all the key design elements in our logo. This is because at our core, we are still focused on delivering the maximum value of a pallet through various recycling methods and hold our values of Customers, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect sacred.

What has changed is how these elements are represented.

The Kamps lettering has increased in size to signify our growth in all areas: employees, locations, and service offerings. We are also as innovative as ever, and have placed significant investments into launching new divisions and product lines. We have also made significant advancements in automation, proprietary systems, and other continuous improvement projects.  Our new logo represents this innovative identity and the “Out of the Box” thinking and creative solutions our employees bring to our customers every day.


Our New Mission


Our new Mission statement is “To earn the trust of every customer through innovative services, delivered by a team of dedicated employees, valuable suppliers, and a culture of continuous improvement.”

Many of the products that Americans use every day rely on pallets to successfully reach our homes. This includes the millions of products found on e-commerce websites, essential groceries, and vital baby formula. The products and services pallet companies provide are truly the backbone of supply chains. Because of this, our customers rely on us and trust that we will deliver on our promises. Earning and keeping this trust is paramount to successfully serving our customers and fellow Americans.


Innovative Pallet Services


In the past four years, Kamps has made significant investments in bolstering core competencies while building out additional capabilities. With these investments, we have created a comprehensive platform that provides support for our customers at every point of their pallets’ lifecycle.

With our full pallet life-cycle management scope of services, and the supporting infrastructure behind them, we consider ourselves the most innovative pallet company in the country. From complex national pallet programs to transportation and reverse logistics, we have the capabilities to continuously add value to our customer’s supply chains.

Because of this, we are transitioning our business name from National Pallet Solutions to Innovative Pallet Services.


Our New Website


Our new website was designed to reflect the refreshed Kamps brand with efficiency, new visuals, and expanded educational materials. As industry leaders, it is our mission to build trust with future, current, and past customers through education and consultation. Our new website is built to serve as a key tool in this process, now equipped with industry specific and service offering case studies, videos, and information.

About Kamps, Inc.

Kamps, Inc. is a full-service national pallet company delivering innovative pallet services to customers since 1973. Kamps specializes in supplying high quality wooden pallets, comprehensive pallet recycling services, and total pallet management services to diverse supply chains across the nation. With over 400 locations in its pallet network, and 63 asset-based locations, Kamps is the national leader in customer-centric pallet solutions.

To learn more about Kamps, visit https://www.kampspallets.com/


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