Kamps Recognized as Top Green Supply Chain Partner in 2023

A collage of photos showing different methods Kamps recycles pallets, including a grinder, colored mulch, and wooden heating pellets.

Kamps, Inc. (“Kamps” or “Kamps Pallets”), is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as a top green supply chain partner (G75) by Inbound Logistics Magazine, a leading supply chain management and logistics magazine. This is Kamps’ third G75 recognition in a row, a major achievement for the company.

The purpose of the G75 award is to recognize organizations providing environmentally sustainable solutions in the supply chain and logistics sector. Recognized for our ability to provide pallet recycling solutions for diverse supply chains, Kamps joins an elite list of organizations that have spent years developing and implementing best practices to ensure environmental sustainability.

G75 companies are judged on four benchmarks during the previous and current year. These benchmarks include: Measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition. As one of the largest national pallet recyclers, known for our customer-centric approach, Kamps excels in all four benchmarks through our innovative pallet recycling programs. Our pallet recycling programs are custom built around each customer’s unique supply chain, bringing measurable green results.

2022 Green Supply Chain Benchmarks

    • 2022: Kamps acquires 5 highly capable pallet recyclers. With the addition of these new locations, the Kamps national network recycles over 390,000,000 pallets via our pallet repair, tear-down, mulch, and biofuel operations.
    • 2022: Through pallet recycling, Kamps reaches milestone of 20,200,000 trees saved, 7,100,000 tons of landfill waste diverted, and 10,800,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved.
    • 2022: Kamps acquires L&R Pallet-owned Enviro-Cycle brand, further expanding and innovating our recycling capabilities. Eviro-Cycle recycles 6,000 tons of OCC (old corrugated cardboard) and 360 tons of LDPE (low density polyethylene) per year.
  1. Trees Saved: Assumes the average tree used to build a new pallet can produce approximately 240BF (Board Feet), with an average standard pallet consisting of 13.1 BF (Board Feet).
  2. Landfill Reduction: Assumes 18.5kg per pallet on average and 100% of the pallets recycled would have otherwise been landfilled.
  3. Carbon Emissions: Based on Version 13 of EPA’s WARM Model for dimensional lumber – https://naturespackaging.org/carbon-calculator/

Kamps Pallets is profiled in the special G75 June issue of Inbound Logistics, featuring 75 leading honorees for green supply chain management and logistics partners. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, you can access our Kamps Green Scorecard.

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