Kamps Pallets Wins Fourth Consecutive G75 Green Supply Chain Award

A collage of photos showing different methods Kamps recycles pallets, including a grinder, mulch, and wooden heating pellets. The photo also shows a stack of recycled pallets.

Kamps, Inc. (“Kamps” or “Kamps Pallets”) is proud to announce a fourth consecutive G75 Green Supply Chain Partner award (G75) from Inbound Logistics Magazine. This prestigious recognition supports Kamps’ position as the leader in sustainable and innovative pallet services.

The G75 award program honors organizations demonstrating exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability throughout their supply chains. Recognized for our innovative pallet recycling services across diverse industries, Kamps joins an elite group dedicated to implementing and continuously improving sustainable practices.

G75 companies are evaluated based on four key benchmarks: 

  • Measurable Green Results: Kamps excels in delivering quantifiable environmental benefits through our custom-built pallet recycling programs, tailored to each client’s specific supply chain needs. 
  • Sustainability Innovation: We continuously develop innovative solutions to optimize pallet lifecycles and minimize environmental impact. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Kamps strives for ongoing advancements in our sustainability practices, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry. 
  • Industry Recognition: This fourth consecutive G75 award underscores Kamps’ dedication to environmental leadership in the logistics sector. 

2023 Green Supply Chain Benchmarks

    • Through pallet recycling, Kamps reaches milestone of 21,397,380 trees saved, 7,252,000 tons of landfill waste diverted, and 862,750 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved. 
    • Through our green energy operations Kamps generated over 70,000 tons of wooden pellets, which is equal to the energy need to heat 28,000 homes for an entire year. Kamps also generated 41,599 tons of biofuel, equal to 27,039 MwH. 
    • Released the most comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Report to date.
    • Acquired John Rock and their vertically integrated operations, allowing Kamps to ensure sustainable practices throughout our entire Northeast Region’s value chain.
  1. Trees Saved: Assumes the average tree used to build a new pallet can produce approximately 240BF (Board Feet), with an average standard pallet consisting of 13.1 BF (Board Feet).
  2. Landfill Reduction: Assumes 18.5kg per pallet on average and 100% of the pallets recycled would have otherwise been landfilled.
  3. Carbon Emissions: Based on Version 13 of EPA’s WARM Model for dimensional lumber – https://naturespackaging.org/carbon-calculator/

As one of the nation’s largest pallet recyclers, Kamps prioritizes customer-centric services and operational excellence. Our commitment to sustainability is further highlighted in our comprehensive Kamps Green Scorecard, accessible on our website. 

We are honored to be featured alongside other leading green supply chain partners in the June 2024 issue of Inbound Logistics magazine. 

View all 75 Green Supply Chain Partners: https://www.inboundlogistics.com/articles/75-green-supply-chain-partners/

Judah Ebeling


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