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Kamps Team Lends a Helping Hand


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Joshua Project Sign

TAYLOR, MI – Recently, the Kamps team had a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the local community. Take a look at the article in the link posted below.


Joshua is certainly an inspirational story that we all can appreciate. Here is this 9 year old boy from Detroit, MI who wanted to improve his neighborhood playground area that was run down. The play structure and grounds needed some serious attention. Joshua doesn’t complain about his situations, but instead he thinks of a way to improve it! In one week’s time, he raised $3,000 and asked Detroit’s Mayor Bing to use the money towards the playground across the street.
Mayor Bing tells him to put the money towards college. This story ended up on CNN and other major networks. The city of Detroit said it didn’t have the funds to improve the park at this time and the park remained run down and non-accessible to the local kids in the neighborhood.

Some local businesses caught wind of the Joshua story and decided to make a difference in the local community. The companies listed on the sign donated the following services and products for a complete makeover on the park. New playground equipment, safety surface playground material (Kamps Cushionwood), and installers of the equipment along with Superior Groundcover applied the Cushionwood for the “Joshua” park. We are thankful to be able to give back to the local community when the need arises. Along with the support of other local businesses that back up the determination and unselfishness of a 9 year old boy named Joshua!

(Note: The Joshua project was completed several weeks ago.)

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