Modern Day Lumberjacks: Harvesting Pallets for Reuse


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Harvesting pallets

Why Kamps’ Reconditioned Pallets are a Viable Option for Businesses

Lumberjacks as they existed in the early 1900s are a memory of days gone past. But modern day lumberjacks live on at Kamps, where we harvest wood, too – used wood pallets, that is.

Harvesting pallets Processing inbound used pallets is an important part of our business. When broken pallets enter our plants, there are a number of options of where they go from there. Common-sized recycled pallets are repaired and sold back into the market, and uncommon sizes are dismantled for parts to generate repair wood or recycled lumber that can be resized to remanufacture a pallet to custom specs. If the scrap pallet cannot be harvested for anything useful, it is ground into mulch for a number of markets. This great “Urban Forest” harvesting creates economical and flexible shipping solutions that are good for our customers, the environment and Kamps.

Good for Your Company
Many of our customers choose to utilize our reconditioned and remanufactured wood pallets as an alternative to new pallets. Through continuous safety reviews, ongoing skill development and attention to detail, we ensure that these pallets are consistent with the quality standards of both our company and yours. Reconditioned and remanufactured pallets are some of the innovative ways we work with your company to add value to your operations.

Good for the Environment
Just 20 years ago, 223 million wood pallets entered into waste facilities each year. When founder Bernie Kamps began Kamps Pallets 44 years ago, he saw potential in all of the pallets deposited in the landfills that no one else did. What many saw as a hassle, this true visionary saw harvesting pallets as an opportunity on which to build his business and shape an industry.

Rather than continuing to fill landfills with usable materials, Kamps Pallets established recycling and waste reduction as pillars of our business. In the past year alone, Kamps has prevented 28 million pallets from crowding landfills and creating economic, financial and environmental waste.

Good for Kamps
Pallet recycling isn’t necessarily the easiest path to take. It means more labor, more skills and more attention to detail, but it’s worth it. At Kamps, it encourages us to always remain innovative and find solutions where others see a dead end. Our team all across the nation agrees that conserving resources and maximizing value is worth the extra elbow grease.

Learn more about our pallet recycling program or contact your local Kamps representative to find out if it reconditioned pallets are the right solution for you.

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