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Our national network consists of strategically located Kamps plants and Kamps Partner locations, working together to bring best-in-class pallet services and products to our customers nationwide.


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Benefits of Our National Programs

Kamps national pallet programs combine local service and care with industry leading capabilities and resources.

This means that every single location you own receives the attention it deserves, with the support it needs to overcome challenges such as sudden increases in demand or shifts in shipping operations.

Below are the top four benefits our national customers can expect from a Kamps pallet program.

By partnering with a national supplier your business removes the need to coordinate with multiple vendors for your pallet supply. Instead, your employees have one point of contact that coordinates your supply – coast to coast.

This saves your employees time and energy, and helps build trust with your customers that depend on the products you ship.

With a Kamps national pallet program, your business receives reports and data regarding your program in a standardized form from one single source. This standardization of reporting makes it easier for your team to review and optimize your pallet program.  

From our network of dedicated sawmills to our pallet partner network, Kamps Pallets has built a vast network of resources that allow us to run our day-to-day operations successfully on a national scale. These resources also enable us to overcome new challenges with ease. 

Scaling your business and opening new facilities comes with a vast amount of challenges. With Kamps as your national pallet partner, we ensure that your pallet supply is not one of those. With over 400 strategic locations across the United States, we can cover your pallet program as your business scales up with ease. If we do not have a location in your new area of business, our pallet experts will work tirelessly until a solution is found. Whether that means opening a new Kamps facility or introducing new locations to our partner network.

Why You Need a National Pallet Supplier

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