Nationally Trusted, Locally Delivered

We understand the vital role a national pallet program plays within your supply chain, and we are here to help.

As a customer-centric pallet company, Kamps leads the industry in innovative services that add measurable value to your supply chain, eliminate interruptions, and provide the additional layer of transparency needed for a national pallet program.

To achieve this, we use our vast resources and expertise to deliver local solutions, predict challenges, and continuously improve your shipping operations nationwide.


Pallets Managed Annually Across The Country


Servicing Locations Nationwide

There is a reason why Kamps is trusted by so many Fortune 500 companies. We have the resources and capabilities that provide the necessary stability for your supply chain.

We have vertically integrated operations and manage the entire life cycle of a pallet. Meaning that the impact from outside conditions such as demand spikes, and lumber shortages is mitigated. 

Our vast size and financial stability enable us to have an impressive buying power with suppliers that ensures our operations are continuously optimized - so we can best support yours. 

We approach every relationship with honesty and integrity. However, we believe that trust is also earned.

That is why we offer a full array of reports detailing your pallet program with Kamps so you can rest assured that we are performing to your expectations.

Some of our reports include: Pallets Purchased Report, Load & Sort Reports, and Year-Over-Year Comparisons.

Our goal is to get things right the first time. Plain and simple. We measure multiple KPIs that keep us honest and report on these KPIs during our annual business reviews.

All national programs have a single point of contact that is available around the clock to rapidly solve cases and provide support throughout the entire process.

We Have The Resources and Team Needed to Deliver National Results

In today's market, your supply chain needs a partner that offers the capacity of a national provider, with the flexibility, care, and consistent service of a local pallet company.

Kamps is the partner of choice for small and large national brands because we identified this need many decades ago, and have strategically built a platform that truly is "Local Service, With National Scale".

From our private fleet and company-owned facilities to our customer service representatives working around the clock, we have the resources and team needed to deliver results.


Our National Programs

National Pallet Recycling

National Repair & Return

National Pallet Sales

National On-Site Service

Closed Loop Program

Let's Innovate Together

We are continuously revolutionizing the industry with new programs.

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