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As Kamps Pallets continues to grow as a company, we felt it was important that our website also reflected that growth. That is why, for the past couple of months, we have been hard at work crafting a website that does just that.

Our new website is packed with educational content, in-depth looks into our operations and products, and new offers that we are proud to introduce exclusively via our website.

With our new website, we wanted to achieve three things:

  1. Tell the story of Kamps Pallets like never before.
  2. Offer a wide range of educational content to our customers and stakeholders.
  3. Offer a more user-friendly experience.

Being a company with a rich history, spanning over 45 years – we found the goal of telling our story in one page rather challenging. That is why you will find useful and interesting pieces of information spread throughout our entire new website.

Continue reading below to see some of the most exciting new features

Pallet Consultation

At Kamps Pallets, we take a consultative approach with each job. We do this because we understand that pallets and shipping can be quite a complex challenge for some businesses. This is especially true for larger organizations.

That is why we have decided to offer free pallet consultations to businesses looking for an audit and solutions to their pallet programs – from the experts.

Requesting a consultation is quick and easy, and takes only a few seconds.

Click here to learn more about our pallet consultations 

Interactive Wood Pallet Glossary

In the wood pallet industry, there are many varying styles of pallets and uses for the product. Certain terminology is also important to understand in order to make an educated buying decision. All of this can make pallets a complex aspect of your shipping operations.

Our new interactive pallet glossary aims to make pallets a bit easier to understand. It covers some of the most important pallet styles, and highlights key aspects of each pallet. All of this is presented in an easy-to-understand fashion, with real images.

See Our Wood Pallet Glossary Here

If Video is more your thing, watch this post in video format

Our Story

Kamps Pallets has a rich and charming history. We started out as a pallet recycling company over 45 years ago, with only one truck, and since then have expanded nationally – offering industry leading pallet products and solutions.
From the 1970’s to now, there are many challenges we overcame and expansions we witnessed. We wanted to tell this story in an engaging way and allow visitors to take the journey through those years with an in-depth look at each major turning point in our history.

On our “Our Story” page, you will find four phases outlining these turning points in the company’s history. Each phase will have a brief overview of the phase, as well as a time-line of key dates and acquisitions.

Take a Look at Our Story Here

In-Depth Look at our Pallet Recycling Operations

At Kamps Pallets, we pride ourselves on our pallet recycling and reconditioning operations. In fact, pallet recycling is a priority at Kamps.

Because of this, we have expanded the content featured on our pallet recycling operations. Not only do we give a more in-depth look at how our pallet recycling programs work, we also feature a case study that highlights our impact on a customer’s recycled pallets program.

Learn More About Our Pallet Recycling

Expanded Wood Resource Division Page

With our recent acquisition of D&H Bark out of Manton, MI, and expansion of the wood resource division, we looked to place a larger emphasis on the division via our website.

We have added high quality images of all of our Wood Resource products, as well as in-depth information regarding each segment of our operations.

Learn More About Our Wood Resource Division


In accordance to our continuous improvement philosophy, we welcome any and all feedback on our website.

We would love to grow together and build a platform that all Kamps customers, employees, and stakeholders can use for all of their pallet needs.

If you have any comments, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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