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When you choose Kamps Pallets to be part of your logistics operations, you get an entire team of experts dedicated to the success of your business.

We build all services from the ground up. This means that each program is tailor-made to fit your specific needs. After the program is developed and running, it is backed by our world-class customer service team that makes your business a priority.

Every program is supported by our industry leading "Kamps Advantage" benefits. These benefits include: Consistent business reviews and access to robust data regarding your pallet operations.

Each service we offer is monitored closely for growth and cost-saving opportunities in an effort to provide you with the best solutions for your business.

The Kamps Pallets Advantage

Sample of data collected by kamps pallets for customers We collect and report on a wide range of KPIs, specific to your company's pallet program with us.

That means your business will always have in-depth knowledge into your pallet program with Kamps. This data will allow you to see key information in the buying and selling relationship you have with Kamps, the productivity of your pallet program, and makes identifying areas of improvement a breeze.

All of this data is also available on-demand through our customer facing portal, within 48 hours of customer requests.

Sample of information collected in Kamps business reviews

During a business review, your Kamps pallet expert will sit down with you and provide an in-depth look into your account with us.

This provides a thorough year over year report unlike any other.

During these reviews we cover

  • Our Performance
  • Cost Saving Opportunities
  • Our Relationship
  • Areas of Improvement
  • Any Questions You May Have

A regular business review with Kamps gives you the opportunity to not only get a pulse on the current status of your program, but also plan for the future more efficiently.

Our strong focus on integrity and continuous improvement ensures that you are always receiving the best service, care, and program possible. 

When you begin your journey with Kamps, we first like to consult with you on your exact needs, where previous suppliers have fallen short, and analyze opportunity for improvement. 

Once we devise a plan, we will continuously revisit these questions throughout your entire relationship with us. When these topics are revisited we encourage questions and are 100% transparent with our operations. This ensures that you always have in-depth knowledge of your pallet program with us.


Pallet Recycling

Programs for both environmentally conscious businesses and those looking to explore new cost-saving measures.

We Buy Pallets

When you're done with your pallets, let us know. Kamps Pallets gives fair market price for specific pallets in good condition.

On-Site Service

Kamps provides labor, services, and unparalleled pallet expertise directly at your facility for a comprehensive solution like no other.

Custom Pallets

Using our Pallet Design System software, we design the perfect pallet to fit your product and shipping needs.

Repair & Return Program

As a company whose focus is recycling, we believe in reusing materials to avoid needless waste.

Our repair and return programs are comprehensive and follow standardized protocols to deliver superior pallets at a fraction of the price. Pallets can be returned to re-usable condition with quick, but effective, repairs. We also take care of the entire process including pickup, sorting, reporting, repairs, and delivery.

Having experts like Kamps Pallets keeping an eye on your pallets provides a peace of mind like no other for businesses.

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Closed Loop Pallet Management

Complete pallet program coverage, and peace of mind knowing you have Kamps Pallets behind your supply.

How the Closed-Loop Process works:

  1. We supply you, the manufacturers, with the appropriate amount of pallets.
  2. Your products ship on our pallets to your plants throughout the United States.
  3. We retrieve the pallets from each plant after delivery.
  4. Each load of pallets is sorted by type and inspected for loose or damaged parts.
  5. The pallets are then reissued back to you, closing the loop.

Our closed loop program is trusted by small companies, and large organizations with multiple locations.

Expert Management Every Step of the Way

Consistent Pallet Inventory & Product Quality.

Learn More About Our Pallet Management Services

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive pallet services and solutions.


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