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Maintaining high quality products and competitive prices is a challenge many of our customers can understand. The pallet industry is no different! Particularly over the last few years, we’ve seen a strain on the lumber supply that has resulted in new options for Kamps Pallets and our customers.

While lumber is a renewable resource and we take great care to use it responsibly, the lumber supply is tightening for the near future. As the main component of our product, the changes in lumber supply and demand impact our product tremendously.

Why has lumber demand increased?

A rebounding US housing market.

You may have noticed that a new house popped up in your neighborhood, or that construction is finally moving along in that new suburb. The US housing market is coming back, which is undeniably positive. It does, however, put a strain on the supply of lumber in our country. While pallet companies and construction companies use different grades of lumber, there is still some overlap that creates stress on our supply. Additionally, the oil industry and railroads are vying for the same grade lumber that we use to make our pallets.

Regulation changes.

Two major regulation changes in the world market are impacting the price and supply of softwood lumber. Canada recently placed a tariff on Canadian wood as an anti-dumping penalty, and this has slowed NAFTA treaty renegotiation talks. This creates uncertainty until an agreement is reached and price pressure on a major supply of softwood lumber for the US.

As we know from Economics 101, high demand and low supply leads to a higher cost. So we’ve taken great care to provide a variety of options to meet our customers’ need for high quality pallets without needing exorbitant budgets.

Where does that leave us?

Increasing Cost.

A booming economy is great in many ways, but it does usually result in an increase in price, mostly due to an increase in the cost of materials. We’ve seen this especially in the hardwood lumber market. For many of our customers, wooden pallets remain the best choice, so we work hard to provide the best quality products and various options to meet your needs.

Quality testing.

Our customers can rest easy knowing that even though market conditions may influence the materials we use, the integrity of our pallets will not change. You can count on Kamps Pallets to provide pallets that meet your needs for strength, durability and flexibility.

How have we dealt with the limited resources?

Quality reconditioned pallets.

With less new lumber available, reconditioned pallets have become one of our most effective strategies to produce a high-quality product and provide clients with cost-conscious options. Our reconditioned pallets meet the same quality standards as our newly built pallets, and help stretch your dollars as far as they’ll go.

Remanufactured pallets.

Similarly, we’ve created cost-efficient options by rethinking the way we build new pallets. Custom pallets made from recycled materials or a combination of new and recycled components have proven to be an excellent way to counter new lumber price pressure. Our custom pallet design system allows us to explore different combinations of lumber to meet your specifications, weight needs and other pallet requirements. Allowing for variation in stringer and deck materials is another way to produce a quality product within your budget.

It’s a priority to keep our customers informed of the current wood market conditions. This helps you make an informed choice for your business and allows us widen our offerings to best suit your needs. And of course, no matter what the market does, you can count on the same quality customer service you’ve always received from Kamps.

Want to learn more about the pallet products and services at Kamps Pallets? Contact one of our great sales reps today!

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