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Best-in-Class Pallet Supplier

Kamps Pallets provides best-in-class pallet products and services to businesses operating in or out of Atlanta, Georgia.

These services range from pallet recycling and repair to new custom pallet building. Our standardized operations guarantee that your expectations are met every time, while our innovative approach to pallets ensures that our services are completed as accurately and efficiently as possible. 

We have the ability to support large scale operations and volumes with the precision and care of a local provider. Whether you have a pallet buying or selling partnership with our Atlanta location, our data and reporting systems will give your business an in-depth look at the status of your pallet program with us. Regular, sit-down, business reviews further strengthen the relationship and allow us to continuously improve your pallet program.

With over 45 years of experience doing pallets, Kamps is the best choice for all your pallet needs in Atlanta.


While all our teams are experts in pallets, certain locations are better equipped to handle different demands.

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4540 Frederick Dr SW
Atlanta, GA 30336

Corporate Telephone: 404-407-5830

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Tested & Trusted

Our Atlanta location has a long history of supporting local and national businesses operating in the area.

With our standardized practices, and patented Kamps Integrity, we have operate under a time-tested formula that puts customer service and expectations at the forefront.

We have experience successfully supporting a wide range of industries and are comfortable facing any challenge that awaits us. Our operational experience and flexibility allows us to provide organizations doing business in Atlanta with an experience like no other.

Kamps is pallets and recycling done better - from the moment you begin a conversation with a Kamps Pallets expert to when our pallets arrive at your facility,   


We have the resources and facilities to get you the highest quality wood pallets, exactly when you need them.


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