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Pallets: Everything You Need to Know


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everything you need

everything you need

If you’ve been to Costco or Sam’s Club lately, you know what a pallet looks like and maybe that pallets are used for shipping products all over the world. Aside from that, what is a pallet really? Here is everything you need to know:

Top Pallet Questions: 

What is a pallet?

A pallet is a horizontal platform which supports goods in a stable fashion while being transported by a forklift or a pallet jack

What are pallets made out of?

Pallets are manufactured from a variety of materials, with the wood pallet dominating the market place

What is the most common size of a pallet?

The most common size pallet is a 48×40 GMA pallet

Top Pallet Facts: 

  • Pallets can be classified as block or stringer pallet
  • Stringer pallets use a frame of three or more parallel pieces of lumber, the deck boards are then affixed to the stringers to create the pallet structure
  • Block pallets are typically stronger than stringer pallets and utilize both parallel and perpendicular stringers to better facilitate efficient handling
  • GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets are the most common size in the pallet industry. In 1908, this group established these specifications in order to standardize racking and transportation for the grocery industry
  • When describing pallet sizes, one starts with the stringer board length first, then followed by the pallet width
  • Pallets can be made from new materials, recycled materials, or a combination of both
  • Reconditioned pallets come in a variety of quality options; Premium Grade #1, Grade A and Grade B
  • To ship pallets internationally, they must be heat-treated to the ISPM 15 standards
  • Euro pallets use blocks for supports rather than runners, giving it greater ease for the forklift entry on all sides
  • PDS (Pallet Design System) is a computer assisted design program for pallets to determine the safe load-carrying capacity, performance, and economic life of wood pallets

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