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Because Michigan is the birthplace of Kamps, we offer our customers in the state with the largest catalog of pallets and pallet management services.

These services range from pallet recycling and repair to new custom pallet manufacturing. Our standardized operations guarantee that your expectations are met every time, while our innovative approach to pallets ensures that our services are completed as accurately and efficiently as possible.

We have over 8 locations in Michigan. Because of this, we have the ability to support large scale operations and volumes with ease.

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Total Program Coverage™ Backed

Pallet Solutions

Our Total Program Coverage comes standard with every Kamps program.

It covers your pallet program from beginning to end and offers industry leading support within every step.

From in-depth analysis of your current program to regular business reviews that hold us accountable, our Total Program Coverage gives you peace of mind and your program the attention that it deserves.

Our experts begin every new pallet program by analyzing your current systems, pinpointing areas of improvement, and identifying your expectations.

We integrate your system with our systems and standards, and launch your new pallet program efficiently and effectively.

Our data management tools and practices give your team an in-depth look into your program like never before.

Your staff sits down with our experts and conducts an in-depth review of your current program and expectations. These business reviews are done on a regular basis and play a key role in keeping Kamps accountable. They offer an opportunity for us to let you know where your program is excelling and highlight any room for improvement.

Our Specialties

While all our teams are comprised of experts, certain locations are better equipped to handle different demands.

Our Michigan locations offer the most robust selection of pallet services and products in the entire United States.

Our Locations

With our strategic locations we are able to service all of Michigan.

Please click on one of our locations below to learn more about our capabilities in your area.

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