Kamps Pallet Inc. and Corrloc LLC Announces Strategic Partnership in Long Term Sustainability with Corrugated Pallets

6/25/18— Kamps Pallets, a national pallet company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, announces partnership with Corrloc LLC, a corrugated pallet and packaging company.

Dan Gibson, Corrloc co-founder, says, “Corrloc will be widely adopted in the market place due to its cost to strength ratio.  Our customers will no longer have to choose one or the other, it will be based off what best fits their needs.” Corrloc technology will be used across industries to solve the unique challenges that lies ahead in the industry. The biggest gains for our customers, is the cost saving in the realm of shipping expenses, preventing product damage, and the feasibility of recycling the product.”

“Because Kamps is a recycling company at its core, Corrloc was a perfect fit for us. It can be manufactured from recycled materials, and itself is 100% recyclable as well. This product will allow Kamps to offer multiple solutions to our customers in both wood and paper, for their pallets, bracing, dunnage and packaging needs.  We are very excited to partner with Corrloc and offer the product on a national scale.” said Brad Rietema, Kamps Executive VP of Corporate Services.

Kamps plans to add Corrloc technology and manufacturing to its national network and work with existing, and new customers to see how Corrloc can best benefit them. The first CorrLoc manufacturing site was fully operational in Niles, MI in May of this year.

About CorrLoc

Corrloc LLC is globally focused with local roots and takes an environmental and cost effective approach to alternative packaging products. Corrloc offers many different packaging solutions including pallets, dividers, braces, rails & cases. Each solution is engineered to meet your specific packaging needs.

About Kamps Pallets

Kamps Pallets is a full service pallet company delivering innovative pallet and packaging solutions to customers across the United States. Kamps specialize in custom pallet management processes, high-quality products and excellent customer service. Based in Michigan, Kamps has nationwide facilities to meet the shipping needs of industries from coast to coast, including wood pallets, plastic pallets, and corrugated pallets.

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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