A Partnership with Your Pallet Supplier Pays Dividends


The cost-savings associated with partnerships instead of vendor relationships

With Black Friday in the rear view and Christmas still to come, many people are focused on the price of the products they need. Will it go on sale? Can I get a better deal? What’s the catch?

But when it comes to your operations, it’s important to remember that it’s not about the cheapest price. It’s about the most affordable price. Can you afford to deal with demand and supply mismatches? Can you afford to spend time managing your pallet supply across multiple locations? Can you afford the hit to your brand if products are delivered damaged or late?

When the focus is on securing the cheapest price, there is always the risk of receiving an inferior product or poor customer service. In that case, the cheapest price can negatively affect your customers and, in turn, cause damage to your brand that adds up to more than you saved.

At Kamps, we build a partnership with you because we want to meet your long-term needs. A fire sale of low-priced pallets might meet your needs at this moment. But will they be there when your needs arise again? Will they help you manage your supply? Moreover, was the lack of pallets your actual problem, or is it an inefficient management program?

When it comes to your pallet supplier, the cheaper option may lower costs initially, but it could cost you in the long run. That is why Kamps approaches each account as a partnership rather than just a vendor relationship. We value your business, and we want to provide a valuable product to you. That comes from thoroughly understanding your needs and meeting them on-time – whatever it takes.

What’s more, a partnership can actually save you money in ways you may not consider if you’re solely focused on the final cost.

With a partner like Kamps, you benefit from:

  • Consistent and sustainable costs.
    Kamps has been in business for more than four decades, and we plan to be around for many more to come. Because we price our pallets in a sustainable way, you can count on consistent quality and prices from Kamps. We won’t lure you in with dirt cheap prices and hike them up later. This helps you set yearly budgets accurately and not worry about the quality of your product being affected.
  • Understanding of your products and needs.
    We are the pallet experts so you don’t have to be. That means rather than just picking any solution on your own, we work with you to find the most efficient solution. Think of it as treating the problem, rather than just the symptoms. Our understanding of your business needs grows the longer we partner together, making our advice all the more valuable as time goes on.
  • Growth for all.
    Whether it’s a new location or a new product, our growth is focused on meeting your needs. Kamps invests in long term service and solutions, including people, equipment, technology and inventory. Our eyes are constantly on the industry, our finger on the pulse, so we can find innovative, proven ways to meet your needs efficiently. Our goal is to maximize the value of our partnership to your business.

Developing a partnership with your pallet supplier is an efficient use of your resources. With Kamps, you get to work with one company who has nationwide capabilities. And you’ll find some of the best customer service in the industry, as well as a wealth of market- and industry-specific knowledge.

We know you’re looking for the right match of price and quality, and we’ll help you get there. Explore a partnership with Kamps by contacting us today.

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