stacked plastic pallets


Depending on your needs or industry, plastic pallets may be the right choice for your business.

Typically, they are bacteria resistant, which helps increase workplace and product safety, and water resistant, which makes them easy to wash.

Because they do not absorb humidity, they are one of the safest choices for transporting products that must remain dry, such as paper products, cement, and even wooden products.

Benefits of Plastic Pallets

A Secure Long Term Asset

Because of the multiple uses you can get out of a plastic pallet, they are a secure, long-term asset when used in an in-house, closed-loop system.

Easy to Store

Products with a nested design are designed to save space and make storage in your warehouse easy and efficient.

ISPM 15 Compliant

Pallets made out of plastic material are typically automatically approved to move between countries without any sort of heat treatment.

Used by these industries


Ideal Industries for Plastic Pallets

Industries with closed-loop warehouse environments, such as automotive, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical, frequently use plastic pallets.

Other benefits, such as enhanced safety and ability to naturally maintain dry and bacteria-free conditions, make the product an attractive choice for the various industries. 

If your business may benefit from making the switch to plastic, find the office nearest you by visiting our locations page, and then contact one of our dedicated sales reps to get started!

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Plastic pallets may be the investment that makes the most sense for your business.

Our pallet experts will walk you through every available option and find the pallet solution that is the perfect fit for your business.

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