Shipping Challenges Faced by the Manufacturing Industry

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Getting Your Product from Point A to Point B Safely

For manufacturing companies, production is just the first step. Getting that product to its next destination safely and intact is a make or break moment for your manufacturing business. Manufacturers of sensitive goods – like pharmaceuticals, precision parts or even glass – can’t afford an unreliable pallet and shipping container partner. Luckily, those that choose Kamps Pallets can count on our unwavering reliability, as well as our understanding of the unique shipping challenges the manufacturing industry faces.

Shipping from a Tier One Supplier to an OEM

Your product has made it through manufacturing, testing and quality control and is ready to be shipped – great! It needs to arrive on time and in pristine condition, or else the entire final product quickly falls apart. Take windshields for example – the perfect example of a product that must have the highest level of protection in shipping to its final assembly location. Without that promise of safe delivery, the final consumer product could be delayed, or worse, become a safety issue.

One way to address safety issues is through custom pallet design. Through our design program, we uncover the best solution at the best value to meet your safety needs and shipping requirements, like quantity or weight limits. Effective shipping and logistics is a lot like solving a puzzle – and with more than 45 years of experience, we’re well-versed in finding the best solution.

Meeting Shipping Regulations

Shipping regulations are a part of every industry, but manufacturers of pharmaceuticals face a particular challenge. Their product has a direct impact on the lives of many every day, and it’s important that it arrives on time and within a certain temperature range to be the most effective.

Your shipping products need to be able to handle those same conditions without losing integrity. So if that medication needs refrigeration, you better be sure that your pallets will have no problem holding up to those same temperatures for long periods of time. And for those that ship pharmaceuticals internationally, heat-treated wooden pallets will prevent costly delays at customs.

Keeping Precision Parts Safe During Shipping

When you’ve perfectly produced a bearing that only had 1/10,000th of a tolerance to begin with, you know that damage during shipping is absolutely unacceptable. Whether it’s a small part that makes up a machine to rescue trapped miners or a key computer component that operates the drone to keep our soldiers safe, these products need to be shipped with the utmost care so that when performance counts, they can bring their A-game.

In addition to the custom pallet design we mentioned above, Kamps also provides unique products like corner posts, bracing pieces and protective fillers. Used in combination with sturdy pallets, our boxes, crates and fillers help make sure your product arrives the way it was meant to be.

We’re no strangers to the shipping challenges that the manufacturing industry faces. At Kamps, we focus on innovative solutions, customized pallet management process and trusted service so that you can be confident that your product arrives the way it was intended.

What other challenges are you facing? Contact one of Kamps Pallets’ friendly sales reps today to get started on a solution!

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