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A Snapshot of Kamps – The Whole Company


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To most passersby of Kamps’ physical plants, our company might appear to be a small, family operation. While we certainly started out small and continue to emphasize the importance of a family culture, Kamps has experienced significant growth over the past 40 years, and in particular over the past 10 years.

With our eyes focused on nationwide expansion, we thought we would share a current snapshot, in the form of numbers, of what Kamps looks like when you stand back and look at all the whole company in 2016:

Kamps whole

Kamps owns and/or manages 22 locations in 11 major markets. Kamps processes over two million pallets per month. We manufacture and ship over 2,500 different pallets, and those go to nearly 2,000 different customers.

To deliver the majority of our pallets, Kamps operates 40 trucks, with over 1500 trailers and uses a number of contract trucking companies as well.

Most people don’t realize exactly how much new lumber it takes to feed our facilities to make our new and remanufactured pallets.  Each day, our plants receive truckloads of lumber from all over the United States and Canada.  Kamps buys about 3,000 truckloads a year of new lumber. This breaks down to about 12 truckloads a day for every working day of the year.  If you were to line those trucks up, front to back, that line of trucks would measure over 35 miles long! And if the lumber on those trucks were all pieces of 8-foot 2×4’s stacked end to end, that line of lumber would be 25,000 miles long and wrap all the way around the world!

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Kamps built, repaired, and shipped all these pallets, cut all this lumber, and serviced customers out of 22 different facilities in 11 major markets. And this does not include all the partner companies we worked with to reclaim and repair our pallets. Kamps is also fortunate to have over 700 dedicated employees working together to make all of these different numbers merge together into a shipping reality: utilizing all of that lumber, equipment, trucks, and the pallets themselves to provide our customers with the means to ship their products wherever in the world they need to go.

We at Kamps strive in delivering the best quality and service to our customer base and look forward to earning additional growth by providing strong sustainable pallet programs that deliver value for our customers day in and day out.

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