Stringer Pallets For Sale

Standard stringer pallets are widely used transportation platforms that are commonly made of wood. They are characterized by their classic design, featuring two solid parallel stringers that run along the length of the pallet and support the load. These stringers are connected by perpendicular deckboards, creating a sturdy framework for easy handling and storage of goods. Standard stringer pallets are versatile and suitable for various industries and applications, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution for the efficient movement of goods in supply chains worldwide.

Pallet Size Recommended Industries Recycle Options
48x40 Grocery, General Warehousing, & Other Industries Reconditioned & Remanufactured
48x48 Drum Transport Reconditioned & Remanufactured
48x45 Automotive Reconditioned & Remanufactured
40x40 Packaging Reconditioned & Remanufactured
36x36 Beverage Reconditioned & Remanufactured

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