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Why you will love working with Kamps

Industry Leading Data Management

We collect and report on a myriad of data points and KPIs, specific to your company' pallet program.


That means your company will always have in-depth knowledge regarding the productivity of your program with Kamps.


This data is available on-demand through our customer facing portal, within 48 hours of customer requests.

We Focus on
Customer Service

“Your platform for customer service” is more than just a tag-line at Kamps, it’s a way of life.


Every team member truly cares about the success of your business and your relationship Kamps Pallets.


Our customer service team is expertly trained, while our operation team’s focus on quality ensures satisfaction - from the beginning. We combine all of this with unparalleled integrity and transparency.

Our customer service is lauded by some of the largest and smallest businesses in the country. 

Experts at Continuous Improvement

We first consult with you on your exact needs, where previous suppliers have fallen short, and analyze opportunity for improvement.


Afterwards, we consistently look for opportunity for improvement through regular business reviews.

Case Study

Kamps helps a global snack food manufacturer improve their pallet strategy by optimizing their recycled pallets program

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